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AKC Obedience Titles

  • CGC: Canine Good Citizen
  • CD: Companion Dog
  • CDX: Companion Dog Excellent
  • UD: Utility Dog
  • UDX: Utility Dog Excellent
  • OTCH: Obedience Trial Champion – this title is placed in front of the dog’s name

Foreign Working Titles

  • SchHA: Novice Schutzhund obedience and protection
  • BH: Begleithund. Dog must have their “B” before further titles can be obtained in schutzhund. The BH is a combination temperament and basic obedience test. It is also sometimes referred to as a traffic-sureness test.
  • WH: Basic protection test.
  • AD: Ausdauerprüfung (German) – An endurance test performed by gaiting approximately 6 – 10 miles per hour for about 12 miles with a ten minute rest halfway and a simple obedience test at the end. AD is a prerequisite for a Korung evaluation.
  • SchH1: Novice Schutzhund qualification in tracking, obedience, and protection.
  • SchH2: Intermediate Schutzhund qualification in tracking, obedience, and protection.
  • SchH3: Masters level of Schutzhund tracking, obedience, and protection.
  • FH1: Advanced tracking
  • FH2: Superior tracking qualification
  • IPO1: International Novice Schutzhund trial qualification
  • IPO2: International Intermediate Schutzhund
  • IPO3: International Masters Level Schutzhund
  • BpDH1 2: Railroad Police Dog
  • BIH: Blind Leader Dog
  • DH: Service Dog
  • DPH: Service Police Dog
  • HGH: Herdengebrauchshund (German); Herding Dog
  • LwH: Avalanche Dog
  • PFP1 & PFP2: Police Tracking Dog
  • PH: Police Dog (obtained through the Danish Politihundeforeningen, a police dog association open to civilians)
  • PSP1, 2 3: Police Guard Dog
  • RtH: Rescue Dog
  • ZFH: Customs Tracking Dog
  • ZH1, 2 3: Customs Dog

German Conformation Titles

  • Sieger/Siegerin: The winner of the National Championships. The highest accomplishment possible is to be the World Sieger.
  • VA: Vorzüglich Auslese (German) – Excellent Select – Show rating only awarded at the Sieger show in working class.
  • V: Vorzüglich (German) – Excellent – The standard for excellence of quality.
  • SG: Sehr Gut (German) – Very Good – This rating means that the dog has very good structure. It is the highest rating a dog can receive until it has met all the the requirements for a championship.
  • G: Gut (German) – Good – Good structure rating is the lowest allowed for breeding.
  • A: Ausreichend (German) – Sufficient (Show or working rating)
  • M: Mangelhaft (German) – Faulty (Show or working rating)
  • U: Ungenugend (German) – Insufficient (Show or working rating)
  • KKL1: Breed Survey Class 1 – Especially recommended for breeding.
  • KKL2: Breed Survey Class 2 – Suitable for breeding. Dog may have a small structural fault which could be compensated for by working qualities or bloodlines. May be surveyed and reclassified at a later time.
  • Lbz: Lebenzeit (German) – Breed surveyed for lifetime.
  • Korung 19: Zuruckgestellt(M) – Did not pass breed survey in protection work. Zuruckgestellt(K) – Did not pass breed survey due to structural fault. A dog that did not pass the breed survey will have to wait one year before being presented again. If he fails the second time, he can never be breed surveyed.
  • A +: Dog has been breed surveyed – To be eligible to be surveyed for breeding, a dog must first have passed a temperament test (BH), have at least a SchH1 or IPO1 award, have certified hips (“a” or OFA), have passed the 12-mile endurance test (AD) and receive at least an SG (very good) conformation rating at an approved dog show. Once the dog has passed all these tests, it will be further evaluated by an official of the GSD Club of Germany called a Koermeister to further test the dog’s temperament and structure. Dogs that do not receive either a KKL 1 or KKL2 designation cannot be bred in Germany.

German Ratings from Puppy Classes

  • VP: VP – Very Promising (the highest rating awarded in Puppy Classes)
  • P: Promising
  • LP: Less Promising