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Von de‚Äčr Diamondburg Kennels

Contact      [email protected]      (404) 895 - 5087     Located in Atlanta, GA 

Spring 2021

Porthos Galan Nalag 

BH, Sch II

OFFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal

SG Fatima "Xena" XX 

BH, Sch I, Sch II, 2X Sch III, AD, KKL1

OFFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal

This will be Xena's last litter before retirement. She has not had many litters as she has spent most of her life competing in her schutzhund career. Porthos and Xena have been bred before and the pups were of great stable temperament with nice energy and drive. We expect the same again.

Porthos' Pedigree:

Xena's Pedigree:

Porthos Galan Nalag


OFFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal

Kiva Von der Diamondburg

OFFA Hips/Elbows Pending

Porthos and Kiva will be bred for the first time this spring. We expect puppies of stable temperament, good size and energy.

Porthos' pedigree:

Kiva's pedigree: