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Von de​r Diamondburg Kennels

Contact      [email protected]      (404) 895 - 5087     Located in Atlanta, GA 

Porthos Galan Nalag


Hips/Elbows Good/Normal

Porthos is the latest addition to our kennel. He is a Czech import, currently competing in the sport of schutzhund and also our stud dog. He is a fiery male that also happens to be a gorgeous bi-color. We are expecting big things from him both in his working career and as a stud. He has already attained his BH,  IGP1 and IGP II schutzhund titles and this is just the beginning. His father (Extreme Orex Aykmar) is internationally bred and has been consistent in reproducing himself. Porthos, having sired multiple litters already, is proving to be doing the same. Porthos is available for stud to approved females. If you would like to add this awesome pedigree and lineage to your kennel or breeding program, give us a call.

Porthos' accomplishments so far are:

8/24/2018 - BH - Porthos Galan Nalag - Lake Valley IPO Club (Knoxville, TN)

3/23/2019 - IGP1 - 95/78/86-259 - Porthos Galan Nalag - Jefferson St Claire Sch Assoc. (Springville, AL)

9/26/2020 - IGP2 - 97/72/92-261 - Porthos Galan Nalag - Coastal Carolina Sch Club (Hubert, NC)

**High Tracking, High Obedience, High Protection, High in Trial

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Porthos' pedigree

SG Alegro "Rambo" Von der Diamondburg


OFFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal

Although now retired, I still wanted to pay tribute to Rambo (Alegro Von der Diamondburg). Me keeping Rambo was an "accident". His mom, Angel, accidentally landed on him as a puppy and he had a hairline fracture on his leg. Of course no one was interested in getting a puppy with a cast on so he was with me for quite some time while he healed up. To keep him from re-injuring himself I actually had to keep him away from the litter and bottle feed him until he was fully healed. All along this puppy (Rambo) had an AWESOME temperament and demeanor. Full of energy and confidence, he did not in anyway realize nor care that he was dragging a cast around on his leg. After he healed, I decided to keep him because I loved his personality so much. Thus began my initial attempts at the sport of schutzhund. Having no clue what I was doing, Rambo and I embarked on our schutzhund journey. And oh what a journey it was! During that time, Rambo was also a stud dog for the kennel. Now though, he is retired from schutzhund and breeding and just enjoying life at home.

Rambo's accomplishments over his schutzhund career are as follows:

10/2013 - BH title - Chattahoochee Schutzhund Club (Atlanta, GA)

6/2014 - AD title - OG Nashville

3/2015 - IPO1 title with scores 98-97-96 -291 - WDA Southeastern Regionals (Atlanta, GA)

3/2016 - Breed survey and SG show rating - Universal Hundesport (Atlanta, GA)

10/2016 IPO2 title with scores 99-86-93-278 High tracking, high protection, high in trial - Bluegrass Dog Training Club (Winchester, KY)

11/2016 - IPO3 title with scores 95-88-85-268 High tracking, high protection, high in trial - Asheville Working Dog Club (Weaverville, NC)

4/2017 - GSDCA National IPO Championship and Universal Sieger Show (Winchester, KY)

90-71-81-242 IPO3 - 8th place (qualified for WUSV Universal Sieger World Team) - BHOT Award

2/17/2018 – IPO3 – Alegro” Rambo” Von der Diamondburg – Greater Atlanta Sch Club – 92/91/80 – 263

**High Obedience, High in Trial